About me

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Brown University working with Dr. Baylor Fox-Kemper. My PhD is focused on ocean fronts– the interface between waters of different temperature, salinity or density– which play an important role in contributing to upper ocean mixing processes, control ocean-atmosphere interactions and help define the ocean’s response to climate change. I am working on improving our current understanding of the formation of fronts in the presence of turbulence and mixing, and modifying their representation in global climate models to account for this complex physics.

My general interests span a broad range of problems involving climate dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics and turbulence. I primarily use theory and models to study the non-linear interaction between small scale processes and larger scale dynamics. I am fascinated by the way mathematics can describe fluid motion, and during my time at Brown I have also earned an ScM in Applied Mathematics. Before coming to Brown I received my MSc in Atmospheric Sciences from Tel Aviv University where I studied the effects of stationary waves generated by topography on large scale atmospheric circulation. I also have a double major BSc in Mathematics and Earth Sciences from Tel Aviv University.

I am married to Bar Guzi and mother to Micah and Amelia who inspire and challange me to be the best version of myself every day.

This webpage is still under construction. Check out my CV to see what else I have been up to.